A place that you plan your nights and weekends around. We have more than just a class to workout, we have intra-box competitions, nutrition guidance and fun get togethers.  We plan parties for events like the Super Bowl and Bring a Friend day to simple get togethers outside the gym like dinner or karaoke night at a local spot.





Paul austad

Paul Austad began CrossFit in 2010 at a 24 Hour Fitness before joining the Nela CrossFit Atwater Village community in January 2011. He started coaching in order to get people fired up about making healthy life choices and decided that the Nela community, which has a unique background, was the perfect way to do that. When Paul is not coaching or doing muscle-ups at Nela Athletics, he spends more time at Nela Athletics while occasionally hanging out with family and friends. Paul has his L1, L2 and CrossFit Kids certifications.

natalie burtney

Natalie Burtney is a 200 hour yoga alliance certified instructor. She began practicing yoga while in college to relieve stress and supplement my lifting and running. She noticed that when practicing yoga, her joints felt better, her back problems seemed to melt away, and she is calmer and happier. She received my training at Exhale in Venice with world renowned teacher Hala Kouri. Her teaching emphasizes anatomy, proper alignment, and neuroscience. Follow her on Instagram for words, poses and exercises! @wolfpackyoga


RaNaye Carrigan began CrossFit in 2011 when she was introduced to it by a friend. By the end of the year, she was coaching others to reach their goals. In Nela, she finds a welcoming, fun, and diverse community that she enjoys taking part of. When she isn’t doing squats, RaNaye can be found eating donuts or ice cream, reading, or taking naps. She has her CrossFit L1 certification.

gabe castro

Gabe Castro joined the CrossFit community in August 2012. He began coaching in January 2016 because he felt as though, as a teacher, he could communicate effectively with athletes and motivate them to reach their goals. With family and coworkers turning to medicine to help them improve their health, Gabe looked for other solutions to health issues and finds exercising and eating well to be excellent healers. In workouts, Gabe excels at deadlifts and double unders. After leaving the box following his usual 5:30 a.m. workouts, Gabe focuses on his students and daughter. He has his CrossFit L1 certification.

lauren hill

Lauren Hill started her CrossFit journey in November of 2011. She decided to start coaching in April 2015 mostly to play Ke$ha on surround sound every day (she also thinks it is cool to see people succeed in things they never thought possible before CrossFit). Her favorite CrossFit movement is foam rolling, but you can also find her on the beach playing ultimate frisbee or watching cat videos on YouTube. Lauren is a Certified Family Planning Counselor and has her L1 certification.

michael juarez

Michael “MJ” Juarez was introduced to CrossFit in 2012 by his cousin and fellow coach, Jason. He hasn't been able to leave since. A year later he began coaching because he wanted to boost athletes’ self confidence by achieving new levels of fitness and accomplishing challenging movements. His favorite movements involve a barbell and teaches many of Nela’s Olympic weightlifting classes. Outside of the gym, you can find him cheering for his favorite California sports teams: the Dodgers, Clippers, and Raiders. He has USA Weightlifting (USAW) and CrossFit L1 certifications. 


krista kelly

Krista Kelly began CrossFitting through fire academy training when they did CrossFit training with 75 pounds of gear on.  Krista loved every minute of it. She began coaching to help others push their limits in the sport of fitness that she finds so intriguing. For Krista, picking up a favorite movement is like picking a favorite child fort a parent, but pistols, handstand push ups, and anything on the bars are at the top of the list. In her free time, she can be found outside rain or shine, running, biking on her road bike, or playing her flute. Krista has her CrossFit L1 and Gymnastics certifications.

chevy kouladjian

Chevy Kouladjian added CrossFit to his exercise regimen in 2013. Previously, he participated in many forms of Martial Arts, yoga, and other sports.  His favorite CrossFit phrases are “I’ve never done that before!” and “I never thought I could do that.” Through Nela, Chevy has helped athletes find and conquer weakness in their workouts. Chevy loves to do overhead squats while lifting and run during WODs. Outside CrossFit, Chevy is a part of multiple food and wine groups, plays chess, and travels. Don’t be surprised to bump into Chevy at a movie theater! He has his CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Gymnastics certification.

beret malmgren

Beret Malmgren has been CrossFitting for nine years. She got certified to coach in April 2015 because she wanted to take her CrossFit experience to the next level. As a teacher by profession, it seemed natural to combine her two passions: fitness and education. Despite having a bad shoulder, Beret enjoys all the press movements: strict, push, and jerk. When not at CrossFit, Beret likes to drink coffee, read the newspaper, garden, and annoy her son. She has her CrossFit L1 certification.

delaney narducci

Delaney Narducci started coaching in March of 2015 after years of participating in CrossFit. She felt that she wanted to give back to the community that had given her so much, including the majority of her friends, her fiancé, and a better lifestyle. Through coaching, Delaney has assisted others in reaching their athletic potential by giving people measurable successes.  She loves working in a community that is full of hardworking, kind, and dedicated athletes who may sweat, grunt or even yell during the workout but are some of the greatest people in the city. She has her CrossFit L1 certification.

jason orona

Jason “JO” Orona became addicted to CrossFit in the fall of 2011 and has not looked back since. He started coaching in the summer of 2012, which helped him discover his passion for motivating, entertaining, and inspiring people. Coaching and Nela have become his purpose in life; he wakes up every morning excited to come to work and see his Nela family. Throughout the day, JO can be found sharing his enthusiasm with others and doing “werk, werk, werk.” He has his CrossFit L1 and CF Endurance certification.

michael orta

Michael “Myke O” Orta started CrossFit in 2011 and went to get his L1 in 2012 because he believed in the CrossFit ideology. He believed that if he learned more about CrossFit, he could help other people reach their fitness goals. Myke can often be found at Chase bank with a water gun, spraying the people he feels will “chase” him. Once they begin the chase, he points to the Chase sign, and they laugh. Myke claims that this is one of his cardio workouts for the week. Myke has his CrossFit L1 certification.

day ortega

Day Ortega draws her coaching inspiration from her days as a Nela member. She fed off the energy the coaches transferred to her, so she became a coach in 2016 to give that same energy to others and help people succeed. Having been born and raised in the area, Day feels close to this community naturally and feels that “we are family” truly applies to Nela. Day can occasionally be found “moonlighting” as a singer for a funk/soul band, as well as both loving and hating the squat snatch. She has her CrossFit L1 certification.

cristina sandoval

Cristina Sandoval began coaching in 2013, two years after she joined the sport. She wanted to focus on her own personal growth before starting to coach. She loves to see new members who are so unsure about their capabilities and strength grow and feel more confident. Cristina finds the Turkish Get-Up very sexy, yet the Bear Complex might be her favorite movement. When not in the box, Cristina can be found at her mom’s place, eating her carne asada. Cristina has her CrossFit L1 and Oly certification.

lizette solis

Liz Solis started her CrossFitting days in the opening days of Nela CrossFit Eagle Rock in August 2011. As a self-proclaimed fitness junkie, she fell in love with CrossFit the moment she started, but the community at Nela gave her the perfect outlet to try coaching. Because of her nurturing personality, Liz gravitates toward helping people, and through Nela, she has helped people to get stronger and healthier. Liz loves a good handstand push-up day, traveling, shoes, and a cold beer! Liz has her CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids certification.


Juliet Suess joined Nela Athletics as a member of the Occidental swim team in 2011.  She got into coaching through swimming and coached one season at her alma mater before moving to C-M-S.  She started coaching CrossFit in early 2016 and joined the Nela team in December of that year.  She loves a good bodyweight and running WOD.  Outside of CrossFit and swimming, Juliet enjoys a big bowl of mac and cheese in front of the Packers game.  Juliet has her CrossFit L1 certification.

peter vo

Peter “P. Vo” Vo began doing CrossFit in 2011, when his baggy pants started looking slim fit. A year and a half later, he began coaching in hopes of giving athletes the same motivation he craved when he started. Despite his love for CrossFit, P. Vo will not be in a very good mood if caught in the gym prior to 8:30 a.m. When not in the gym, he preoccupies himself with wise eating and shoe-buying decisions to cope with his wife beating him during the workouts. P. Vo has his CrossFit L1 certification.


Specialty ClassES

Specialty ClassES



We are always working to provide the best experience you can imagine; and with that we have added different types of classes to help you grow to new levels in a specific aspect of your fitness journey. 

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 12.37.49 AM.png

Eagle rock run club - hood run

Eagle Rock Run Club was established to provide the NELA community with a fun group of runners/walkers looking to a Thursday night out in the neighborhood.  We support local restaurants and fundraise for fitness in schools.  To date, we have raised over $10,000.  Please join us, it's free!

Thursday night at 6:30 pm.  Location changes, please follow @hood_run



Endurance taken to a new level.  The Empowered Athlete Team pushes you to new levels, focused on running and rowing, but be prepared to use your gymnastic and weightlifting skills too!  Please join us, it's open to friend's of Nela Athletics!

We are taking a hiatus for a few months as we build our Nela Boot Camp Ignite program.  Please join us, it's open to friend's of Nela Athletics! 

Please follow @empowered_athlete



Nela Athletics teaches KIPPFit at KIPP LA Prep and KIPP Academy of Innovation in Los Angeles.  We educate 5th-8th grade students in fitness, health and wellness.  

We also consult with physical education instructors to guide, support and educate through our KIPPFit Academy curriculum.  Check out our featured article on the CrossFit Journal below!

Please follow us @kipp_innovation_athletes

Weightlifting plates.jpg


Your chance to learn and improve on your weightlifting movements.  It takes a lot of time to feel confident in many of the lifts, so we focus on squats, presses, cleans and snatches.  

Must be an active member to take one of the following classes:

Atwater Village: Sunday's at 10:00 am and Tuesday's at 6:00 am .

Eagle Rock: Sunday's at 10:30 am, Monday and Wednesday night's at 7:30 pm

Outlift LGBT leaders


OutLift is a community of LGBT CrossFit athletes and allies in southern California and beyond.  Nela Athletics is proud to be a part of an amazing group of athletes encouraging an inclusive community to anyone that has a desire to be a part of something special.

Location changes, please follow @outliftla

CrossFit warm ups.jpg


Join this all-levels one-hour stretch class for a mix of flow- styles with functional anatomy exercises and stretches. This class is a good balance between movement and therapeutic poses. Our teacher, Natalie Burtney, specializes in working with beginners and offering modifications so that poses and stretches are accessible to everyone. Frequent CrossFitters will notice an improvement in their workouts after taking the class. Mobility is crucial for sustaining a workout and it just feels good.

Please join us, drop in class is $20.00 for friend's of Nela Athletics.

Eagle Rock: Sunday's at 9:30 am 

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