We are always working to provide the best experience you can imagine; and with that we have added different types of classes to help you grow to new levels in a specific aspect of your fitness journey. 

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Eagle rock run club - hood run

Eagle Rock Run Club was established to provide the NELA community with a fun group of runners/walkers looking to a Thursday night out in the neighborhood.  We support local restaurants and fundraise for fitness in schools.  To date, we have raised over $10,000.  Please join us, it's free!

Thursday night at 6:30 pm.  Location changes, please follow @hood_run



Endurance taken to a new level.  The Empowered Athlete Team pushes you to new levels, focused on running and rowing, but be prepared to use your gymnastic and weightlifting skills too!  Please join us, it's open to friend's of Nela Athletics!

We are taking a hiatus for a few months as we build our Nela Boot Camp Ignite program.  Please join us, it's open to friend's of Nela Athletics! 

Please follow @empowered_athlete



Nela Athletics teaches KIPPFit at KIPP LA Prep and KIPP Academy of Innovation in Los Angeles.  We educate 5th-8th grade students in fitness, health and wellness.  

We also consult with physical education instructors to guide, support and educate through our KIPPFit Academy curriculum.  Check out our featured article on the CrossFit Journal below!

Please follow us @kipp_innovation_athletes

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Your chance to learn and improve on your weightlifting movements.  It takes a lot of time to feel confident in many of the lifts, so we focus on squats, presses, cleans and snatches.  

Must be an active member to take one of the following classes:

Atwater Village: Sunday's at 10:00 am, Tuesday's at 6:00 am and Thursday's at 8:00 pm

Eagle Rock: Sunday's at 10:30 am

Outlift LGBT leaders


OutLift is a community of LGBT CrossFit athletes and allies in southern California and beyond.  Nela Athletics is proud to be a part of an amazing group of athletes encouraging an inclusive community to anyone that has a desire to be a part of something special. 

Location changes, please follow @outliftla

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Join this all-levels one-hour stretch class for a mix of flow- styles with functional anatomy exercises and stretches. This class is a good balance between movement and therapeutic poses. Our teacher, Natalie Burtney, specializes in working with beginners and offering modifications so that poses and stretches are accessible to everyone. Frequent CrossFitters will notice an improvement in their workouts after taking the class. Mobility is crucial for sustaining a workout and it just feels good.

Please join us, drop in class is $20.00 for friend's of Nela Athletics.

Eagle Rock: Sunday's at 9:30 am 

Atwater Village: Tuesday's at 8:00 pm 

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