Handstand Hold/Walking Tournament (10 min)
Allow athletes to warm-up, then...
Whole Class kicks onto a Handstand Hold or Walk,
first person to fall is out, repeat till last person standing.

L1: Option for 1 attempt of max handstand hold (wall)

*Once athlete is out complete
4 Rounds
3 Kick-ups
5 Supermans
10 V-ups
L2:Easy Riders L1: Russian Twist

"Stranger Things"

13 min for reps:

200m run
6 FR Lunges
Rx: 145/113
L3: 95/65
L2: 63/45
L1: 35/15

As many unbroken HSPU's as possible
RX: Strict & Even
L3: abmat
L2: >1 abmat or pike
L1: knees on box

- score is CUMULATIVE HSPU's
- broken= Coming off wall or resting on head (rx only)
- complete the buy-in to get another shot at HSPU. complete as many buy-ins as you want