1. What would you say were the keys to success for your team?

Giving up control and letting me lead them through the 6 weeks. That included: Trusting the process, developing a daily routine and sticking to it (no excuses), no special treatment/everyone was expected to follow the guidelines laid out for them, holding each person accountable for their share of the work, there also may have been a few threats of physical violence and being kicked off the team lmao

2. What type of diet did you implement?

I call it " The Hybrid." The diet was almost personalized for each person.  Each person was given a caloric intake based on their body type and starting body weight. Modifications were made every two weeks to account for weight lost in that time frame. So the diet was evolving and changing just like the Athlete was! If and Athlete was dropping body weight but not body fat and vice versa, changes were made to their Protein, Carb and Healthy Fat numbers to jump start body weight or body fat loss. 

3. Were there any exercises or activities that you say contributed to your team's success?

We met up for track workouts the first couple of weeks to establish some constancy and a good rhythm. After that, they were expected of continue these workouts on their own. A few people wanted to build lean muscle, so I prescribed workouts to increase muscle density the last 3 weeks or so.

4. What is your advice to continue the weight loss or keep the weight off?

The human body is amazing. Look what you were able to accomplish in 6 weeks. Imagine what you could do in 6 months!!!

Nutrition reminds me of a quote from the movie "Training Day" Denzel says, "This s#%t is Chess not checkers." Nutrition is Chess not checkers. To many people are looking for the quick fix. Getting ready for a wedding or a special occasion is not the ideal time to start a diet or Nutrition plan. Invest in yourself for the long haul. You only got one body. Treat it right and it will reward you back someday when you least expect it!