Many athletes feel the need to stomp their feet when catching the barbell.  In some cases, this can result in a donkey like kick, where the hamstrings curl, bringing the feet back and up, causing the athlete to jump backwards.

When we stomp our feet, the actual motion is creating a bending of the hip joint, resulting in a decrease of the angle at the joint.   This is called FLEXION.    This results in a decrease of power output needed to move the heavy barbell.  In both the snatch and the clean, power is generated by creating the greatest ground contact force through the legs, hips, then torso.  By creating as much EXTENSION, through the body before “ pulling” up on the bar, you can generate greatest amount of force needed to move under the bar to get a successful lift, create a better bar patch, resulting in optimal body alignment when receiving the barbell.

So, if you feel that by trying to make as much noise with your feet by stomping will give you a better lift, try to make the following changes and see what happens.  Simply changing your initial setup with foot placement and moving your feet can increase your chances of a successful lift.

Remember, like anything else,  its takes practice and a lot of patience to make permanent changes in your lifts (and maybe a good Coach to help you through it!).

1.     Start with your feet directly underneath your hips at the start of your lift.

2.     As you start to stand up, drive your feet into the ground, shifting your body weight from the top of the heel towards the balls of the feet.

3.     With your arms fully extended, but not locked out, extend your ankles (get on your toes), extend your knees, extend your hips, (THIS IS WHAT TRIPLE EXTENSION IS),

4.     As you rise on your tip toe, shoulders move up, slightly backwards while arms remain straight. 

5.     At the end of the toe position, you may find yourself lose contact with the ground slightly, then, quickly move your feet out into a squat position as you pull yourself underneath the barbell.

Keep Lifting,

Coach Arlene