The 2018 Nela Open has come to an end on a high note.  The past five Friday's have filled our community with a special energy.  The support you gave each other, to achieving personal bests you all have made myself and our team proud.

The competition piece is fun, but remember you are competing to be the best you.  Ranking yourself against others is simply a way to gamify and keep you motivated to start and finish the five week challenge.  Congratulations, you put yourself out here publicly and did your best.  I'm proud to be apart of such a wonderful group of people.

We had a coaches meeting Sunday night and I feel this was our best Open to date.  We've had a lot of accomplishments and fun stories for individual's and teams over the last seven years, however, this year had a community of athletes charging forward all five weeks.  I have goose bumps reflecting on the energy poured out.  Thank you athletes for making this so much FUN!

A lot of coach's and community leaders deserve a big thanks for putting on these events.  I am going to only name a couple of people that helped tirelessly, even though many others deserve tons of thanks too! 

1) Coach Gabe and I would spend usually one hour every Thursday evening on Facetime diagraming the venue and cleaning up the workouts.  Michael would be scrambling to review/recommend and then entering it into our system for Friday morning.

2) Nallely C. spent her Friday mornings setting up the venue with Coach Gabe.  These two would be back early Friday evening making sure equipment was in the right place and the event would move smooth.

3) Coach Jason created the t-shirts and photography.  Others helped with capturing some great memories too.  If you have photo's from Friday Night Lights, please forward the photo's to!

4) Coach Cristina help create and print scoresheets.  

Many others stepped in and helped with judging, equipment help, scoring and support.  This is a community of selfless individuals.  

Now for what many of you have been waiting for, the Final Results:  

Nela Open 18.5 Rx Final.png

Nela Open 18.5 L3 Final.png

Nela Open 18.5 L2 Final.png

Nela Open 18.5 L1 Final.png