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CrossFit Kids is meant to be FUN for all ages, with a variety of broad inclusive fun exercises and activities for your children. The program is scalable for ages 5-12 years old and experience level.  All genders welcome!  It often requires little to no equipment, allowing a wide variety of diverse groups an opportunity to be physically fit and active throughout their lives.  

The Goal of CrossFit Kids

By introducing our program, our hope is for your children and future generations of children to have a positive association with exercise, a desire to be fit, healthy, and a goal to live a long happy life.

Class Information:

Tuesday/Thursday's at 3:30 pm
Membership options: 
$124/mo per child
$104/mo per child (Parent has active Nela membership)
$185/10 pack (3 month expiration)

Meet Coach Rachel

Coach Rachel

My name is Rachel Esquivel and I have had experience working with children for about 18 years, studying child development in college, coaching High school swimming and Water Polo.

I currently work as a Special Education Assistant for Los Angeles Unified School District at Irving Middle School, working with children that are blind and visually impaired.  I currently have my Level 1 CrossFit certification, and CrossFit Kids certification.  

My husband Carlos and I have been apart of the NELA family nearly 5 years, and my two daughters Amelia and Amari ages 8 and 11 years old are proud members of the CrossFit Kids program as well.  

My goal for CrossFit kids is to give kids the same fun experience I get when I workout, to give basic knowledge of healthy eating habits and to teach them the fundamentals of our CrossFit exercises.  Classes are enjoyable and fun, so that your child will want to keep coming back for more.

Please feel free to introduce yourself or say hello to me when you see me, if I don’t know you already, and ask me any questions or concerns you may have about our CrossFit kids program.

I look forward to meeting and coaching your kiddos!

Meet Coach Michael

Since childhood I have always been involved in some type of sport. After High School, I started volunteering  at a local recreation center helping coach a variety of sports for youth. This is where I learned that I had a passion for working with kids and teens. The past four years I have worked with an enrichment program at charter school in East Los Angeles teaching them CrossFit and the values are in line with CrossFit Kids like dedication, teamwork and perseverance. Teaching movement and health through fitness at an early age allows kids to gain confidence through fun and hard work!