What prompted you to join the 6 week challenge? 


When my wife told me that I had no choice...just kidding. We agreed that committing to each other and committing to a team would give us a sense of accountability; and accountability was a very good thing in our fitness goals. We didn’t want to let down the team or each other!  We wanted to contribute! 

At what point did you both say to each other, let's stick to this?

When my wife threatened to cut me if I tried to get out of it...just kidding. Once we thought about and laid out our plan (Specific, Measurable, Agreed-Upon, Realistic and Time-Based goals), there was no turning back. Once we applied our strategy, the results were immediate.

What is the best result from the challenge for you individually and as a couple? 

My wife looks at me with lusty eyes...Just kidding. We were able to accomplish in six weeks, what we were individually having trouble doing within the course of the last year! I managed to lose almost 17 pounds and 7% body fat. Wendy managed to lose 12 pounds and 4% body fat. What's even better is that we've continued our habits and the weight loss continues! 

What was the biggest challenge you faced?  

The biggest challenge was trying to rub the top of my head in a circular motion, while rubbing my belly simultaneously, in an opposite circular motion. That's hard. I gave up pretty quickly. Aside from that, I think that completely changing our eating habits was the most challenging. In terms of the types of food, we didn't feel like we gave up much. We simply focused on portion control and applied a common sense approach to eating (limit sweets, breads, etc.). Prior to the challenge, we were likely eating 2 to 3x the portion that we needed. We ordered and cooked our meals from Sun Basket, Blue Apron, and Hello Fresh. That was a game changer. We also increased the number of workouts and the intensity of those workouts. We complimented our daily WOD's with long walks, family hikes, post-WOD extra credit, etc. The support of our team and constant communication during the challenge was critical to staying on track. There were certainly times where we felt it was just too hard, we didn't have time, we’re too tired, etc. There were even times that we fell off the wagon. Our team was our biggest cheerleaders and we were theirs. There’s nothing like being fully supported. Oh, and Wendy giving up red wine was HUGE (in a Trump voice).

Words of advice to other couples wanting to do a challenge together?

Just listen to your wife.  Aside from that, just do it. I was in great shape before the challenge...and that shape was round. Now, not so much. We're both over 40 years old and I feel like we're in the best shape of our lives. We learned new skills that we continue to apply today. In the end, we stayed the course, worked harder than we thought we could, and the result was a healthier, happier, less stressed us. What could be better than that?!

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