No matter where you are in your fitness journey, we have a class for you.

Boot camp ignite

CrossFit can be intimidating, even to those who consider themselves very fit.  Now millions are doing it and finding it works!  

Ignite is your guide and support to learn what Nela Athletics is all about. Here you will learn new exercises and have a high energy class to burn those calories!  50 minutes of mobility, a workout and a finisher of abs and booty!

Boot Camp Ignite is a three workouts per week class, start today!




Guaranteed to be the best workout you have ever experienced. These classes are one hour long and consist of warm up, skill work, and a short, intense workout that will be scaled to your ability level.

CrossFit is for anyone willing to be coachable and listen to their body, and of course our coaching staff is here to guide you.

Just Show Up.

Specialty classes

At Nela, we are proud to offer a diverse course offering.

Endurance Classes: An hour of running, rowing, and more! 

Weightlifting Classes: Focused solely on the olympic lifts, spend time getting stronger and perfecting the lifts.