Eating Fit - Episode 3

It's the nutrition challenge, even if most of us just got stomped on by the various plagues going around (which is why this show is late). Special guest Mike Orta, who's supervising the nutrition challenge, joins us to talk about what we should be eating and why.

Fit In Your Hand And Throw It-Episode 2

The CrossFit Open is right around the corner -- that magical time of year where we get 5 highly challenging mystery workouts that will test all of us and weed out the best in the world. Special guest Chris Cordova of CrossFit Iconic drops by to talk about what that means for everyone, no matter what level of athlete you might be.

Fit for Brains

Fit for Brains

It's our rough-around-the-edges first episode! Paul, Wes and Justin get into why they work out, and why they want to train others. Justin talks about slimming down, while Wes goes into competition mode.

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