Devin Crossfield

Devin Crossfield



About Coach

Devin is a dedicated CrossFit enthusiast whose journey into the sport began in San Francisco in 2014. Now, CrossFit is more than just physical fitness for Devin; it’s a cornerstone of her overall well-being, contributing to a healthy state of mind and lifestyle. In the summer of 2023, Devin took a significant step in her CrossFit journey by earning her CF-L1 certification. Her mission as a coach is to foster a strong and supportive community at Nela Athletics, motivating people to discover their full potential and most importantly, to have fun while doing it! Cleans and Pull-ups are among her favorite movements, as she understands the transformative impact they have on the body. She also loves it when she sees peers at the gym accomplish moves that are seen by them as challenging. Outside of the Box, Devin spends her time with her wife, Alisha, at their home in Echo Park, CA. Devin is a self-proclaimed coffee snob, always finding contentment in a good cup o’ joe.

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