Olympic Weightlifting: 6 benefits for older athletes

Learn the 6 benefits of Olympic Weightlifting for older athletes.
Arlene Alpuerto
June 20, 2023
Olympic Weightlifting: 6 benefits for older athletes

In case you thought you’re too old to do OLY, keep reading…

My entire life I’ve always had a love for sports.  Both as a spectator and especially an active participant.  I’ve played tennis, softball, volleyball, various martial arts, boxing, and most recently Krav Maga.  However, as I got older,  mobility was not what it was and my main focus became more injury prevention (versus always wanting to lift heavy things all the time!).  I originally started olympic weightlifting in the 90’s while in college,  but I really didn’t take until I started Crossfit and found Olympic weightlifting was more beneficial than just basic strength training…not only is it the main type of training the National Strength and Conditioining Association recommends for every sport, but there are several essential benefits for the older athletes: 

So, remember,the key is not necessarily how much weight you are capable to lifting, but rather whether you are able to successfully lift the weight. This 5 week progressive oly series will make sure you are lifting correctly and safely…

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